Financial Education for women,
by women.

Finance Women specialises in Financial Education for Women. It’s as simple as that. We are dedicated to providing Australian women with practical financial  education and money coaching.

Delivered by female coaches with significant professional and life experience, Finance Women provides a supportive and accessible service to women who are dissatisfied with mainstream services.

Our clients come from all walks of life. What unites them, is the knowledge that they have the capacity to take control of their finances and make great long-term decisions for themselves, when given the right information and support.

What sets Finance Women apart is our approach. We help you to create a realistic strategy for your financial security and freedom and you can be confident that you will receive practical and professional coaching in a respectful and supportive environment.

  • "Rhiannon put her heart and soul into understanding me" Olivia

  • "It's like catching up with an old friend" Fiona

  • "I would not hesitate to recommend others to engage Rhiannon" Liz

  • "Rhiannon took the time to understand my specific situation" Carole

  • "Rhiannon was very friendly, knowledgeable and non-judgemental." Claire

  • "She gave advice that practical and straightforward" Claire

  • "Rhiannon is very friendly and genuine" Cara

  • "It is well worth it" Sue

  • "I feel more secure about my future" Rebecca

  • "Rhiannon didn't try to push unsuitable products" Amanda

  • "Best money I have ever spent" Amanda

  • "I have since recommended her to a number of my friends and colleagues" Amanda

  • "She was transparent and her warm and unpretentious manner put me at ease" Trish

  • "I would recommend Rhiannon without hesitation" Trish

  • "I was surprised how comfortable I felt at our first meeting" Jenny

  • "I felt a weight had been lifted" Jenny

  • "I would recommend your company and services to family and friends." Jenny

  • "Rhiannon really listened to me, and I felt comfortable that she 'got me'" Olivia

  • "She has really helped me get my head around some big decisions" Olivia

  • "has got me thinking differently about how I manage my money" Olivia

  • "she made the time to understand us as people" Jennifer

  • "We are a same-sex couple and I felt she was very understanding and gave us great advice" Jennifer

  • "We are located in a rural area, communication was no problem" Jennifer

  • "At no time was she judgemental if I didn't get it the first time" Jennifer

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