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Because financial advice should feel more like a discussion with a trusted friend than a sales pitch.

Our Story

In 2013 Finance Women’s director, Rhiannon Robinson, returned to the University of Melbourne to undertake a Masters of Business Administration (Professional). While studying business in depth from a variety of different angles and disciplines Rhiannon began to see financial services with fresh eyes. She recognised that traditional financial planning wasn’t meeting the needs of many women, and she was determined to do something about it.

In March 2015 Finance Women was launched with a the aim of addressing the barriers women face when seeking advice. Our vision is to provide trustworthy and straightforward financial advice for women in a supportive environment.

Finance Women now attracts clients from all walks of life. From 30 year old professional women building their careers to retirees thinking about the next phase of life; from business owners to stay-at-home mums. What unites the clients of Finance Women is their desire to find a financial adviser who can help them on their terms, understand the practicalities of their day-to-day lives and help them build independence, flexibility, security and confidence.

Finance Women delivers a range of financial advice, coaching and education services to best meet client needs. Rhiannon regularly writes on key financial topics for women, with a number of articles appearing in the press and she is a sought after speaker on a range of financial literacy topics. We are always looking for innovate ways to engage women (and men) to become more confident in their financial affairs.

We are committed to providing

  • Advice that is free of commissions (across all super, investment and insurance). Where commissions are unavoidable, they are paid back to you.
  • High quality financial products and advice that offers you value for money, are appropriate to your financial circumstances and the practicalities of your life.
  • Transparency and certainty over the cost of advice, you’ll know and understand the costs before you incur a fee so you decide whether to proceed and which services you choose.
  • A range of options for ongoing financial education and coaching so that you become more comfortable and confident with your finances.
  • Partnerships with associated trusted professionals to help you get any specialist help that you need.
  • A relationship that keeps you in control of your financial decisions. We walk beside you to help you make the right decisions for you.

Rhiannon Robinson – Director

Rhiannon is a qualified financial planner (ADFS – Financial Planning) and a member of the Financial Planning Association (AFP). After graduating from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and Bachelor of Science (Psychology) in 1998 perhaps her move towards the profession of financial planning was somewhat inevitable.

Throughout her career Rhiannon has gained experience across investment banking (Goldman Sachs UK), retail banking (NAB), wealth management (MLC) and not-for-profit super funds (VicSuper). She has seen financial services from a variety of perspectives from the back office, to the front line and management.

While Rhiannon had been working in financial services since 1999 and had been a qualified and practicing financial planner since 2002, it was the return to study in 2011 that started her thinking about how financial planning could and should be different. By 2015 she was ready to do something about and her vision for Finance Women to empower women by making sound financial advice accessible was born.

Outside of work Rhiannon is a keen, though largely inattentive gardener, she loves to cook, paint. Crime fiction and period drama on the page or the screen are a welcome indulgence and lately she’s been loving a wide range of podcasts from economics, mystery, history, politics and comedy. Home life is understandably controlled chaos as the mother of one boy and two girls. When not transporting children to sporting events or battling bedrooms to be tidied they love sitting down to board game. Recently Rhiannon has taken a strong interest in promoting sporting opportunities for women and girls. Much to her own surprise she has started a local women’s cricket team. Catering for women who had never played cricket before. They are having a riot of a time, though they still don’t know their silly mid-offs from their rather fine legs.

Verify Our Credentials

It’s important to know who you are dealing with. We encourage you to verify our credentials by searching for Rhiannon Robinson on the ASIC Financial Adviser Register  and read reviews on the Adviser Ratings website

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  • "Having interviewed many personal advisers to find the right one for me, I was starting to despair when I found Rhiannon. She is proof that all good things come to those that wait! She has provided a friendly, knowledgeable service to myself, and now my extended family. While most people dread a boring visit to their accountant or tax adviser, I look forward to seeing Rhiannon. It's like catching up with an old friend."

    Fiona age 42

Rhiannon Robinson specialises in financial advice for women

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