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Advice that gives you the time and expertise you need to feel confident about your financial future

What happens when you first make an enquiry with Finance Women?


  • Make Contact

    Pick up the phone or send us an email to let us know what you need.

  • Get to know you

    When you first meet the adviser, they will take their time to understand your situation. This includes not only your finances but your personal circumstances, your concerns and what is important you.

  • Adviser research and modelling

    Often the reason you have come to seek advice is that you may have many options and the right course of action is not clear. Between consultations your adviser uses their expertise, research and analysis to prepare a detailed report.

  • Present options and assist you put things in place

    Your adviser will take the time to explain your options, the pros and cons and the reason for our recommendations. When you are comfortable with your decisions, they will help you understand how to put them in place.

  • Review

    Whether you like to come back regularly or only when you need us, we can review your situation in light of any changes in your personal circumstances or the economic environment.

  • "After avoiding seeing a financial planner for many years I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I felt at our first meeting. Our subsequent meetings where informative and I felt a weight had been lifted as I finally had financial path to follow. I would recommend your company and services to family and friends."

    Jenny age 59

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