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Not-So-Secret Women’s Business –

In the journey of starting my own business designed specifically for women I have come across an amazing community of female business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs. They have provided me with help and support as well as inspiration. I wanted to take the chance to promote their fantastic businesses and give you a little inspiration into how these down-to-earth women are making their mark on the world.

Today I’m talking to Rosalyn Gladwin from Gladwin Legal. Rosalyn and I first met at a Women’s Business Network meeting hosted by the Glen Eira Council, we hit it off straight away. Both escapees from the corporate world, we were working out what it was to be an entrepreneur, small business owner and mum’s to young children. Rosalyn had a vision, to be the preeminent specialist in retail law. I was impressed by how well she articulated her company’s focus and as I found out more about her background it all became clear. While she studied law and had an impressive career in the corporate world, she grew up as the daughter of a successful family owned Jewellers. Retail and small business is more than a theory to Rosalyn it’s her whole upbringing. But enough from me, I’ll let Rosalyn tell you in her own words….

Rosalyn can you tell me a bit about your company Gladwin Legal?

I am a commercial lawyer that specialises in retail law and helping businesses achieve their commercial goals whilst managing legal risks.  My firm, Gladwin Legal, is a boutique corporate commercial legal practice where I have assisted a range of clients, ranging from local start-ups to international designer brands with a wide variety of legal issues, including leasing, branding and commercial agreements.

How has your personal and professional background prepared you for business?

I was exposed to the retail industry from a very young age, as my parents were the owners of a local jewellery store.  From there, my passion for retail and business only grew.  For over 10 years as a private practice and in-house lawyer, I have worked closely with private and ASX listed entities to provide clear, strategic and sound commercial legal advice.

How are you different from other law firms?

I love getting to know my clients and the features that make their business unique.  As a working mum and business owner, I understand the difficulties that clients often face when seeking legal advice whilst balancing all the work that comes with running a business.  However, my experience provides me with a fresh perspective on business that allows me to provide you with not only high quality and efficient legal advice, but work closely with you to achieve your desired results.

Are you open for new clients? If so how can people get in contact with you?

I am always open to new clients, whether you are a new business looking for start-up contracts or a large company looking to review your current legal agreements.  Feel free to drop me a call or email at 1300 033 934 or

Rosalyn brings the discipline of a corporate law firm and the sensibility and practicality of a small business owner. If you need a legal opinion on your employee contracts or wondering whether your refund and return policy meets current consumer law benchmarks, Rosalyn is your go-to-person. If you own your own business or are thinking about it why not check out her website You can sign up for her newsletter, which provides timely reminders of the important issues for small business owners, written in a practical and accessible way.

In my series ‘Not-So-Secret Women’s Business’ I’ll be meeting and profiling some great women. If you know of someone I should meet then please drop me a line.




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