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Like many great connections, I met Eliana by accident. We were at a networking event and we were talking about a million different things, it took us a while to get on with talking about what we did for a living. I have to say I was a little taken aback when she told me she was a personal stylist.

Now I should probably clarify that this wasn’t because she was poorly presented. By contrast she was beautifully stylish and well presented, with individuality and flair without being ostentatious or inappropriate. What struck me was her warmth and kindness. If you are anything like me, you get a little intimidated by personal stylists. I love the idea, but the reality is hard to face. I start looking at floor to check if my shoes match my dress, am I missing a button, I mentally total up how much (or possibly how little) I spent on my outfit. In short, I panic.

Now the contradiction in this is that I think personal presentation is important. I like looking good and sometimes all it takes is a simple trick to take an outfit from ho-hum to amazing. But a professional stylist feels like the meanest girls in school judging me –  what do you mean I have to pay you too.

Stylist Eliana - Style by Eliana

Eliana – Style by Eliana

With these preconceived notions, I was taken aback by her warmth. With self-deprecating humour but obvious talent she is able to lead you like a trusted friend to a place where you feel comfortable and confident. Working with what you have got rather than what you lack. With this in mind I thought I would talk to her on your behalf:

So Eliana, tell me about your business?

I am a passionate personal stylist with a difference. I help real women look and feel fantastic, inside and out, with simple (and fun!) styling solutions.

I work with beautiful, real women, taking the time to listen and understand their struggles, then guiding and nurturing them to confidently express their individuality through their own personal style.

I help streamline my client’s existing wardrobe, revive it with beautiful (yet practical) new pieces, and then bring it all together giving you lots of mix-and-match options. I also teach them all the fashion basics, what looks good on them, and show them how fashion can be made easy. This means getting dressed in the morning is a breeze, you’ll feel a million dollars, and you’ll reap the rewards personally and professionally.

Who are your typical clients?

My clients are real women who are stuck in a wardrobe rut, battling confidence issues, feel like they have nothing to wear and avoid shopping at all costs.

They may be a graduate looking for their first job, a Mum going back to work, a professional seeking a promotion, a romantic looking for love, or a woman who has shed some kilos and now wants to flaunt the results.

Whatever your age, body type, lifestyle, and budget, I will empower you to make your own smart fashion choices now and into the future.

Why you do what you do?

My big WHY and passion is helping women reconnect with themselves, uplift their confidence and self-esteem by empowering them and teaching them simple and basic techniques on how to style their body shape successfully so that they can accomplish anything and feel incredible.

What makes you and your business different from most of the others out there?

I’m not the kind of stylist who takes you shopping, buys a tonne of new clothes that don’t work with your existing wardrobe, and then sends you on your way more confused than ever before! I follow a proven, collaborative process tailored to achieve my client’s objectives and empowering them to make smart fashion choices on their own. With simplicity at its core, my approach meets their specific needs and gives them the best value for their money. One of the best bits is that at the end of all styling sessions I recommend to get their own personal style guide. Which means, I create each client their very own Look Book, which includes tips for their body type, photos of all their outfits to guide them when they get dressed each day, and to have it as inspiration when it’s time to shop for new outfits again.

How do people get in contact with you?

They can contact me on 0412 227 761, by email or check out my website at, you can even sign up for my newsletters there to give yourself some ongoing inspiration.

In my series ‘Not-So-Secret Women’s Business’ I meet and profile some great women. If you know of someone I should meet then please drop me a line.

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