Do you charge for the first appointment?


Your first appointment with us is a strategy session, where we discuss the different options available to you the pros and the cons. We operate a fee-for-service advice practice, that means you do pay for your first appointment. The advantage to you is that we don’t spend the appointment trying to tell you how great we are, instead we spend the entire 90 mins focused on what you need and want.

We understand that you want to be sure it is money well spent, so before we book an appointment, we talk to you on the phone. This gives you an opportunity to explain what you think you need and what you are looking for. We will explain in detail the process and make sure that we can deliver what you are looking for. By taking time to talk to you in detail before the first appointment you have the opportunity to check whether we will be a good fit for you. If during that phone call we aren’t able to deliver what it is you particularly need and want then we can often refer you to the right place.

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