Introducing 52 Weeks of Women

 In 52 Weeks of Women

52 Weeks of women is a weekly series of posts allowing us to rediscover the important role that women have played in history.

What we’ve chosen to share with you is not a lengthy academic investigation into the unsung heroes of women’s history, but rather a short series of intros into what made these women so interesting. If your interest is piqued, we’ve provided a few links to help you discover those women for yourself.

Many of the women we will profile have featured in some of our favourite series devoted to women in history, specifically, Amanda Foreman, whose series the ‘The Ascent of Woman’ was featured on BBC TV. It is also available on Netflix as a 4 part series, and it provides a rich tapestry of women’s experiences through the ages and prompts us to think differently about how we see women’s role in society over time. Secondly The History Chicks deliver a podcast which dives into a different historical woman’s story each episode. This deep, sometimes tragic, and often humourous look into these women helps us understand the world they inhabited from birth through to death, and gives us a richer understanding of women who were either unmentioned, or treated as a footnote in history.

When we selected the women to profile it was important that we were not squeamish. Not all of these women were nice, not all of them were good. They had their flaws, they achieved things great and small, and their failures were just as varied. There was those who made a significant positive impact in the areas of social justice, while simultaneously holding views that are hard to defend. There are those who built and defended great empires, creating stability and social change, however the tools they used were unashamedly ruthless. We include them in our history. History does not require men to be perfect to record their existence or impact, and so neither should we require it of women.

We hope that each post will prompt you to read more, and if you do we’d love you to share what you find out! Likewise, if you know of any women who you think should be included in our series, let us know.

Enjoy your 52 Weeks of Women….

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