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I’m the founder of Finance Women. It’s my job to develop all the financial advice and education we deliver. I tend to split my time so that at the beginning of the week I concentrate on the paperwork, administration and the strategy of the company, then later in the week comes all the meetings with clients. Life never works out quite that neatly though, so I’m often found chatting on the phone to a client when I’m picking up my kids from school.

Something about yourself:

I’m a keen though rather sporadic gardener: I like to think of my back yard as a little farm. I have a grove of citrus trees, stone fruits, nuts, olives – if it’s edible I’ll try and grow it. This year I’m making a bigger effort to keep the water up to my big veg patch, though as a general rule when it comes to trees in the garden its fairly tough love; they have to be prepared to thrive with benign neglect.

If I wasn’t doing this I’d probably be…

An architect. My childhood passion was designing houses, tree houses, mansions, studio apartments, schools, houseboats you name it. I’d be there with the pencil and ruler imagining what people might need in their house and how to lay it out.  Many of the aspects of my current work such as connecting numbers and structures with the human behaviour and practicality of working within constraints are key elements of architecture, so I think that’s probably what I’ll do in my next life.

What would you tell your 15 year old self about money?

If you don’t know – ask.  If  you don’t understand – ask. If you still don’t understand – ask again. Never accept ‘that’s too complicated, you don’t need to know that’.


I came on board Finance Woman in the role of Social Media Manager, but over the past few months, this has evolved into the role of Content Marketing Manager. I work one day a week on mapping out all the brilliant content we’d like to share with our clients and the greater public, and recently I’ve been writing some blog articles as well.

Something about yourself:Anna

I have a passion for traditional crafts and skills, and I’m growing a small business, which allows me to indulge in these. I grow fruits and vegetables in my backyard using permaculture principles, and I preserve my produce by dehydrating it and making jams and pickles using additive-free recipes that I’ve adapted from historical preserving books. My nickname amongst friends is Nanna Anna.

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d probably be…

Looking after children. I’ve been a babysitter, nanny and primary teacher in the past, and have been looking after kids in one way or another for the past 21 years. They make me smile, keep me challenged, and I’m inspired to create a better world for them to grow up in.


What would you tell your 15 year old self about money?

Keep track of what you earn, spend and save.

If you’re intimately aware of the money that comes in and goes out of your bank accounts, you’ll feel more comfortable with the concept of your finances, and you’re less likely to form bad spending habits. Also, never assume that finances are difficult to understand – there’s always someone out there to help you understand your options if you just ask.


At Finance Women, I am the client administrator. I make sure that queries are addressed in an efficient and timely manner. I also assist the day to day administrative tasks. I love doing this because it gives me the opportunity to talk to a number of different people, who have all been gracious and wonderful towards me. On a lighter note, I enjoy my work because it puts my organizational skills to work, which I find extremely satisfying.

Something about yourself:Nadia

Outside of work, you would find me scouring second hand bookshops or vintage shops. Not only do I enjoy reading, but I also love the novelty of finding the unexpected. I am the sort of person who prefers handmade to factory made. The kind of woman who spends a lot of time browsing Etsy, wishing I had enough talent to recreate those wonderful designs. If not bookshops, then I would normally be in coffee shops, simply because I cannot imagine a life without coffee. Reading, listening to music, writing in my journal, or just people-watching is what I normally do at cafes.  A good book, a large mug of coffee and a comfortable chair is quite enough to make me really happy.

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d probably be…

A yoga instructor and a sax player. I have been doing yoga for the past few years and I love the benefits I get from my daily practice. I have this dream to put up a studio and encourage people to embrace yoga, just because I know how much this would help them. Learning to play the saxophone has always been a dream. Well, when this dream becomes a reality, I know I would enjoy playing for a crowd.

What would you tell your 15 year old self about money?

Life is beautiful but it will throw you a curveball. Put down those shoes/dress and start SAVING.

Money empowers women. It gives us the opportunity to make our own choices in life and to not depend on anybody. Create goals, make a plan and go out and make it happen. A good solid education, a sound mind and healthy body is enough to make these dreams a reality. At 15, time and energy are on your side. Go and make things happen.

Have a financial plan at all times and stick to it. Yes, it will require sacrifice, willpower and hours of planning. But the rewards will be worth it. A home, business and the occasional nice things in life are all possible with a financial plan.


I’m a Paraplanner at Finance Women, I get into the nitty gritty of your financial plan to try and work our magic with Rhiannon and Nadia for you. It excites me to try and understand what is important to you and find the most suitable strategy to achieve your goals. I love doing this, because I enjoy helping people with my skills and experience, so you can worry less and focus more on what’s important to you. Life is too short, right?

Something about yourself:Anton

I’m a big sports fan (soccer, tennis, hockey) and love spending my spare time with my family in the great outdoors. Furthermore, I love immersing myself in the arts of cinema and music.

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d probably be…

keeping my days filled with volunteering and a charity fund trying to make a bigger difference in the world.


What would you tell your 15 year old self about money?

Save, save, save, but spend when you really want something worthwhile (I already knew this). Get into the market as early as you can and start learning (step by step). – This took me another 15 years before I got it.


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