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Welcome to Finance Women’s Risk Insurance eBook.

Insurance is like a bet, but it’s an unusual one.

It’s a bet you hope to lose.

In this free, 42 page, full-colour eBook, you’ll find lots of valuable information on the different forms of insurance, how they work, who they are suited to and what to look out for. We cover a Life Insurance, Income Protection, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma Cover and Business Insurances.

Topics Covered

  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Total and Permanent Disability Cover
  • Trauma Cover
  • Business Insurance
  • And lots of useful information on what to look out for

Your Top Questions Answered


  • How does an insurance premium work?
  • What influences the cost of insurance?
  • How does an insurer determine whether they will cover you?
  • What do I need to tell the insurer?
  • How can I make the premiums more affordable?
  • How do I make sure I’m covered?
  • What else should I do to organise my insurances?


  • What is life insurance and how does it work?
  • Who gets my insurance benefit?
  • What happens to my insurance if I become terminally ill?
  • Who needs Life Insurance?
  • Should I have insurance inside my super?


  • What type of income can I insure?
  • How long are benefits paid for?
  • How does the waiting period work?
  • What limits are there on the benefits?
  • What is the difference between agreed value or indemnity contracts?
  • Who needs income protection?
  • Should I have income protection in my super?


  • What does total and permanent disability mean?
  • What is the difference between own occupation or any occupation policies?
  • What do insurers look for when underwriting the policy?
  • Who needs TPD cover?


  • What is Trauma cover?
  • How does Trauma cover work?
  • What is trauma cover used for?
  • How is trauma cover different from health insurance?
  • Who uses trauma cover?


  • What is Key person insurance?
  • When is key person insurance needed?
  • What is business expense insurance?
  • How does business expense insurance work?
  • What type of businesses use key person insurance and business expenses insurance?

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