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When you first meet Sue you can’t help but feel her presence, she’s a dynamo of energy. But what struck me most was her ability to engage and connect with people. Never afraid to ask the deeper question, she combines both frankness and warmth, gentleness and accountability, insight and practicality. Like a good friend who pulls no punches – but has your back, she’s exactly what you need when you are trying to take the next step in your career. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s a master at connecting people. So this month I took the time to talk to Sue about her business CV DynamiX.

Sue, you ran a boutique media recruitment and training agency more than ten years what made you change direction?

Over the years I would have read more than 50,000 CV’s and mentored and coached 1000’s of candidates. I became increasingly frustrated seeing exceptionally capable women missing out on great jobs because they didn’t have the confidence, interview skills and awesome CV/LinkedIn profiles which reflected who they were. I was also disenchanted with the inhumane recruitment eco-system which wasn’t serving the recruiters, the clients or the candidates. So I closed my agency and launched CV Dynamix to empower women in their career search, written and verbal communication strategies

Tell me about CV DynamiX?

CV DynamiX is unlike any other career mentoring & resume service as it is ‘humanised’ and yet powerful. I’m a pioneer CV Storytelling which is the sweet spot for my clients to get great results. I combine a Who What Where Why’ discovery process, interview training and ‘CV Storytelling’ holistically to give my clients greater clarity and confidence. Having run businesses for 12 years I understand the challenges and fears associated with ‘change’ and I’m dedicated to help women believe in themselves and to stand in their authentic power.

Tell me about your typical client?

Generally a mid-senior level person who wants to either remain in their current sector but switch companies OR someone who wants to transfer their skills into another sector. Having worked in a multitude of sectors there are not many industries that I haven’t dealt with, so I have a robust overview of the challenges various roles and industries have. At the end of the day, there are more similarities that disparities to align. In both cases both clients need the tools, encouragement and real life advice on how to sell themselves and position their job search with power and authenticity. I work with clients in Melbourne face to face and via skype and phone throughout Australia.

Are you taking new clients? If so how can people get in touch?

Yes absolutely would love to chat with new clients who are ready to tackle their career differently, I can be contacted by email or phone 03 9802 0039 or 0416 385 779


Sue brings a wealth of practical business and recruitment experience, so if you need some career, interview skills, CV storytelling advice and coaching, check out Sue’s website or pick up the phone (she loves a good chat). She also publishes and curates some really useful career information on LinkedIn so why not look her up and follow her posts to keep up to date.

In my series ‘Not-So-Secret Women’s Business’ I meet and profile some great women. If you know of someone I should meet then please drop me a line.

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