LGBTI+ Friendly Financial Advice

Sort out your finances in a supportive and accepting environment
  • Finance Women provides LGBTI+ friendly financial advice.
  • You want to know that your adviser is interested in the subtleties and complexities of your life and that she helps people like you every day.
  • You are looking for someone who understands the type of lifestyle you lead and is interested in what financial success means to you.
  • You need an adviser who can bring you up to speed on the finance fundamentals, focusing on the stuff you really need to know without the jargon and lectures.
  • Financial Women is your financial support and coach, empowering you to secure your finances so you’re ready to make the most of all your opportunities.

Typical advice provided:

  • Optimising your cash flow
  • Setting financial goals
  • Securing your financial position
  • Getting out of debt
  • Starting to build your wealth through investing
  • Creating financial flexibility
  • Setting up your retirement savings to take care of themselves
  • Navigating the financial complexities of partner and family relationships
  • "I specifically wanted to work with a woman. We are a same sex couple and I felt she was very understanding and gave us great advice. I felt she made the time to understand us as people and our ends for the future."

    Jennifer age 62
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