Preparing for retirement

How do I maximise my security and independence in retirement?
  • Whether retirement is still a few years away or a reality today, having a good financial plan is critical to your ongoing financial security and independence.
  • Even people who have managed their own finances throughout their working life benefit in getting professional advice on how to combine their superannuation, Centrelink and own savings to fund their retirement lifestyle.
  • Finance Women makes sure that your finances that fit your needs. We take the time to explain the fundamentals in down-to-earth terms so that you feel confident and comfortable with the financial decisions you make.

Typical advice provided:

  • Pre-retirement strategies such as salary sacrifice and Transition to Retirement to build up your retirement assets
  • Creating retirement income streams
  • Maximising your entitlement to Centrelink
  • Creating flexibility and security in your finances to adapt to your changing needs over your retirement.

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