Re-partnering or Partnering Later In Life

Second time around I want to make sure that I don’t put at risk my long-term financial security and independence.
  • Relationships established later in life can provide great joy. The confidence and experience you bring to the relationship can lead to fulfilling and satisfying partnerships.
  • But unlike early relationships chances you and your partner also bring a complex financial situations. Perhaps you bring  property, investments, debts or a business, not to mention children (young and old).
  • Whatever your life path to this point, it’s important that  you take concrete steps to maintain your financial independence and secure the financial position of your loved ones.

Typical advice provided:

  • Estate planning including wills, powers of attorney and establishment of trusts to protect your and your dependents’ financial security
  • Appropriate adjustments to life insurances
  • Alterations to cash flow and budgeting in light of changes to debt and assets
  • A third-party assessment of investment strategies suggested by partner
  • Joint and individual retirement goals
  • Impact of partner’s previous relationships and children on your financial position
  • Consideration of pre-nups and binding financial agreements.

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