Relationship Breakdown

I need someone who will listen to my concerns, understand the challenges I’m going through and give me practical options as I start to rebuild.
  • Separation and divorce: whatever your age or life-stage, a relationship breakdown has significant financial consequences on top of the emotional and practical challenges it brings.
  • This is a time of financial re-evaluation as your income, expenditure, debt and assets are no longer shared
  • It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and have your confidence shaken as you adapt to a different set of financial circumstances.
  • You need a trusted source of advice, who can listen to your concerns and provide you with practical options
  • Finance Women gives you the time and encouragement to take up the reins and rebuild your financial security and independence.

Typical advice provided:

  • Budgeting & cashflow management
  • Re-evaluation of life insurance
  • Wills and Powers of attorney
  • Centrelink entitlements
  • Creating your own financial goals
  • Debt management
  • Investing the proceeds of split super
  • How to protect your assets for your children

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